29 May 2011

never trust a machinist

the title is a little harsh, I admit.
in many cases I'll stand by that comment!

This past job has been interesting,
as there are 2 similar boats with the same project list,
just with different sizes and problems.

One needed a coupling machined.

big chunk of billet steel in a moriseiki lathe

They had to chuck that billet steel with a forklift it was so heavy.
I should have taken a picture of the original one, it was a nasty piece.

I'll admit that this guy (company) is an excellent machinist.
This thing looked great,
and was made to fit the shaft that was also done up here.

expensive chunk of steel

Looks great from over there huh!

see anything wrong?

In addition to the coupling and shaft,
they also modified the clamping nut for some set screws.
But do you see anything wrong with this picture?

always use for a grinder

The friggin socket didn't fit in the hole!
This is where the exactness of a machinist,
needs to be coupled with some actual work experience
with the job intended.
What was the machinist thinking the nut was going to be tightened with?

Fortunately the socket thickness was about 3/16",
so some meat could be grinded (sp?) off each corner.
(about half!)
It's not like an extra 1/8" taken out of the hole would weaken this thing.

too perfect fit

You'd figure for almost a couple thousand bucks,
and all the parts needed this would be obvious!

We were able to get it good and snug,
and this thing will last (hopefully) for a long time.
The other boats coupling was on for 34 years!

Let the other guys deal with it than!


While I'm on my little rant,
why not mention the other boat...

This is what a bearing/pillow block looks like after 34 years.

34 years later

Lucky they still make exactly the same one.

This boat uses the same basic engineering as the other boat.
Here's what it looks like all buttoned up.

heavy duty chit

So we were able to get the prop on and slap on the rudder.
This was supposed to be the easy part.

descendants of the pyramid builders

I swear they both are descendants of the Mayan pyramid builders!
Definitely not the minds of machinists,
they can make stuff work with a hammer.

should fit right

Again we just expected everything would fit.


get out the hammer

The machine shop had whittled out a plastic bushing,
but had added a trick 1/2" spacer for the rudder to ride on.
The problem was,
there wasn't an extra 1/2" for the rudder to fit in the space!

It's kind of ridiculous,
as they'll be precision to the .0023 in some cases,
but then can be off .500 !

This could have been alot worse as the bushing was pressed in,
but somehow we were able to pop it out using a rod, some nuts, sockets
and a hammer,
without ruining the bushing.
It still adds unneeded time to the job though as its still not hooked up.

Eddy and Paulie
2 salty phux!

This is Eddy and Pops/Paulie.
Some guys are made to be on the water for long stretches!

sea chase
the real perfect storm

This is their boat.
It just looks like it could go through anything don't it!
I've got some more stories for later...


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