06 May 2011

sayonara shogun

Ever wonder how they move boats around at a boatyard?
Too bad.

Marine Group - travel lift

This thing is huge.
It makes this 122 ft yacht look like a toy.
The tires are taller than my van!

remote control

If anyone thinks that video games or remote control cars are a waste of time,
you're wrong.
The dude in the center runs this thing with a remote control box,
and 5 or 6 guys that basically clear the path and help navigate.
So yes,
there is one job in this boatyard of 100+ people,
with the only remote control travel-lift boat mover in San Diego,
of a million people.
Ok, maybe he has an alternate for when he's sick.
Two positions.

samurai sam

Sayonara Sam!


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