26 May 2011

butts up

What do you do with 3 crazy kids and a mostly unused yard..

look closely on the left

Well it took us a couple years to figure it out,
but add a tennis ball and you got..

Butts Up!

Butts Up!

It's a great game,
I used to love it as a kid.
At school,
I'd stuff down my lunch just to get time on the racquetball court.

Butts up -
take a tennis ball and a group of kids,
throw the ball at the wall.
If the catcher drops it or it hits a player,
they must run and touch the wall.
Another player has to grab the ball,
and throw it at the wall (or the runner) before he tags it,
or the guy is safe.
If he's out,
than the tagged runner crouches down as small as possible,
and the tagger tries to peg him.

Butts Up isn't allowed at Jaxon's school,
I guess there's too much potential for injury,
so they play a lite version called wall ball.

Wall ball is different as only 4 are on the court,
and the rest are in line.
If you miss a catch,
than your out, and the guy in line is in.
Yawn.. ;)

it's been fun to watch and play with them.
They'll play for hours.
Finally using the yard for more than just storing stuff!



  1. yah but i bet you never played it by running full speed at a fuckin' rose bush! What your favorite line, RULERS?

  2. It's our version of
    "the green monster"