15 May 2011

40 coupe - moonshine rig, 40's race car or workhorse?

My friend Matt and his family are movin up to the hills of Clairemont,
so I let him use the "maintenance department" van,
thinking it wouldn't be needed over the weekend.

1940 ford opera coupe - loaded

A boat job that I will talk about later is leaving to Panama on Monday,
so had to use the 40 as a work vehicle.
This is a pic loaded with a bunch of heavy stuff.

Here's it in action.

40 at work

Actually this is it in action

who needs a work truck

I can't imagine having a perfect paint and upholstered car or hot rod,
and not being able to use it in times of need, like this.

chief workin'
1929 roadster pickup

No ride of mine gets a free pass.

Even the Lincoln has had its share of work truck times.

1990 Lincoln Town Car in action

Definitely not the intended use when they designed this thing!
The other day we pulled my Dad's '53 chevy 150 out of the driveway
and up the street with the Lincoln.
(Its been sitting for a while - pics later)
With the 5.0/aod its basically a work truck with a tuxedo on.

fun on the freeway

Even real work trucks don't work sometimes!
Good times, Luke!

Back to the 40.
I'm sure you noticed the rearend is a tad high.
Here's a pic of it unloaded.

1940 ford opera coupe - unloaded

This is after the few hundred pounds of welding equipment etc.
were unloaded.
(no the first pick is loaded, it just didn't move much!)
A true workhorse.

I guess its the jacked up suspension.
The rear spring is a '40 sedan spring,
which has 11 leaves.
Along with the 750LT16 (light truck)  tires,
this is the stink bug stance.

It seems like the stinkbug stance evolved from the old moonshine rigs,
as there are many tales of 30's and 40's fords used for hauling.

My idea at the time was to have an authentic war-time race car.

Bill Yates 40
thanks Don Montgomery!

If you don't know the Don Montgomery red books, find them!

Something about this 40 is just plain bad ass.
Simple and effective.

Bill Yates 40 at speed

According to legend this was one of the quickest 40's of the time.
This picture was at El Mirage back in "the day"

like old times
before the rattlecan!

When we lived in Ventura,
El mirage was only an hour plus away.
Definitely miss that part now.

after the rattlecan!

This was a good day.

push car

It was so good that I made this video!

Since I'm reminiscing,
here's another 40 at work shot...

4 years ago already

I don't know how this post steamrolled into the evolution of our 40,
but that's what happens when I start typing.
My original intent was just to throw some quick pictures up!


Since it's getting warmer out here,
it was time for the hood to go.
For a while I didn't like the hood,
so I made a mini hoodlet a while back.


Now if I can just get rid of those whitewalls.

workhorse 40 

Thanks for tuning in.


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