01 April 2017

princess bricknose

Weekends up here are tricky.
After a 5-day 7-330 work week,
it's great to sleep in and just lay around.
Which basically gets me in trouble,
as I'll search Craigslist and Ebay a bit too thoroughly.
Get me a project!
One weekend goal was to fix some electrical gremlins in the new truck,
hopefully caused by the overzealous use of crappy wiring techniques.
I'll admit,
I wired our old 30 coupe with all black wires.
It looked cool but the next owner hated me!
This guy used yellow and red for both positive and negative/ground.
Ok let me clarify that...
He ran two yellow wires as +/- for the fog lights,
and two red wires for +/- for the running board lights.
After an hour this 100' wire pile was tediously extracted.
Perfect cause I needed speaker wire for the new shop sound system.
Free thumpin' Craigslist speakers!
Still didn't fix the windshield wiper glitch...
Another small annoyance was the running boards.
They were held on with sheetmetal screws,
swinging back and forth when I'd chip ice off the windshield.
It was like slack-lining.
Good times.
Not sure why the guy who bought them would want them but...
It allowed me to get this big ole box of mostly air.
For a grand total of $24,
an eBay guy shipped me just what I needed,
in a box the size of an upright piano.
A cheesy stock plastic grille insert,
at least I can easily reach the hidden hood latch.
By the way,
the '87-91 years are called bricknose,
the earlier models are called bullnose.
The chrome version was 3x the $$.
Yea the silver paint clashes with all this shine...
You'd be surprised how flimsy that guard and bumper are.
It's definitely a princess.
One search is for plain steel wheels,
or aluminum with the round holes,
although it won't look as fast when parked.
Yea fun stuff...
Jaxon sent up the fog lights,
and one made it safely.
Shipping glass sucks!
It'll probably be a cyclops a long time.

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