27 April 2017

Grass is Greener

One of the warnings of taking this job,
was the seat time in the big mowers.
Spring time is basically a battle against fast growing 
grass and weeds.
Everything I've heard wasn't as positive 
as it should be portrayed to entice someone.
A mystery project was fixing a glitchy Toro 4000 4wd mower.
It would just shut off.
Grass and dirt had piled up under the covers.
I figured a good cleaning would be a good start,
crap holds water and gets into wiring unnecessarily.
The culprit seemed to be a parking brake switch,
which for some reason shuts off the engine.
A perk is test driving the equipment,
so although it was lightly raining,
I did some mowing.
Holey chit it was so much fun,
basically like driving a boat,
or a slow dune buggy.
The berms and trees were set up like a race course.
The city is going to pay me to do this?
No problem...

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