06 April 2017

Daihatsu Thrash

Probably the coolest event of the year was coming up,
the big car parts swap meet,
supposedly bigger than the Big3 in San Diego.
How lucky is that to work at the site?
With two days to go,
the little daihatsu decided to have stage fright.
The clutch had fried,
leaving it like the lion with a thorn in its foot,
The little workhorse was crucial,
as it is small enough to weave through buyers and vendors.
There was a little stress coming from the higher-ups.
Can't pound nails without a hammer!
With a new clutch pack a week out,
the perfect option was to fix up this basketcase daihatsu.
I'd been asking to throw it into the work queue for weeks,
but had been denied.
Well I had kinda been tinkering a little here and there regardless...
If I'm gonna get in trouble,
it'll be from working too much!
And yea I'm always sneaking in quick projects,
it's easier to get a bitching after,
then to waste time asking if it's okay to bust butt!
With limited options,
the green light to get her finished was on.
After I made sure it was gonna run,
a coworker (Andrew) and I knocked out the heavy stuff,
throwing the bed on and making some bed sides.
The other workers were stoked on the new ride.
The bossman even let me finish the bed sides for the second daihatsu,
and a custom hinged tailgate I had tigged up
for the first one.
All I need is a shop and some tunes!!
Double trouble.
Now we were ready!
The swap meet was awesome,
more on that later.
The crowds definitely tight,
not as much during the rain though...
Ya wanna think they are for something fun and exciting.
They just allow ya to haul more chit.
Andrew and I figured that out quick.
Sorely needed on the front lines 
of the never ending trash battle.
Humans are garbage generators!!
Yea good times!

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