21 April 2017

The Bionic Oneida Performance Santoku

A couple months ago I found the perfect kitchen knife,
the Oneida Santoku,
for $1 at the local flea market.
The Portland version of a swap meet 
is a drop in the bucket compared to Kobeys in San Diego,
which runs Friday to Sunday.
This flea market is only on Sunday's,
and Portlanders are a crazy bunch.
Hardcore vendors post up rain or shine,
hawking the typical chit from tools to soap,
and people will come to buy.
I'll come just for the good fruit/vegetable deals.
Seriously it's 1/4 the price from the grocery store.
Another big difference is the inside area,
one place a swap meet shouldn't be.
The dusty dank air doesn't seem right to breathe,
but you get used to it.
It's super packed on a sunny day inside and out.
I've gotten many scores,
This DJ turntable was $10...flipped...
A real ivory pocket knife $5,
which now makes me a little guilty
studying how evil the ivory market is.
Don't google it's depressing...
This technics turntable was $10,
and is now a corner piece to the room system.
It's got auto-start and repeat.
I've woken up at 3am totally brainwashed 
listening to the same 23 minute side for 6 hours.
Works great at remembering lyrics.
Records $1-2...
Gotta love it.
This victor torch was one of the better scores-$15!!
After watching the shipbreaker documentaries,
I've always wanted a long cutting torch.
These things are like 250-400 new!
I think this engine analyzer was $5,
but will need batteries that are $7.
Which reminds me to scrounge the next flea market.
A couple bucks for the flask and meter.
Gotta have the flask,
even though liquor is harder to get in Oregon.
These priceless items were both $1.
How could anyone resist!?
Ok back to the knife.
It worked great for cutting.
Then I tried crushing a garlic clove sideways,
and it immediately stamped.
I yelled the F word really loud,
shocking the room mates and neighbors.
For a week I continued using it as a hand blade,
further cementing the need for its repair.
I'm telling ya this is a good knife,
it's extra thin and just slices through without sticking.
This must be an early version,
as none have the same super heavy handle style.
Finally yesterday I did a rush weld during my last break.
A little crude but effective TIG weld,
using a 316 stainless rod.
I'd say it's not as crooked as you would expect,
from a welded up kitchen knife.
I've already used it twice.
So sharp.
These new are like $10 with a cutting board,
and well worth it,
but none have a good history like this one.
If it's metal,
we can rebuild it...

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