28 April 2017

Oregon Trail Rally 2017

Now that the racing season is here,
it's fun to see why we do all this work,
or better yet get to be here.
The Oregon Trail Rally had a PIR section,
the course half on track and half on service roads.
The weekend would continue on fire roads
off the gorge and in Washington.
Rally racing definitely has a cult following,
there was a slew of spectators.
These fans were really interested in watching Travis Pastrana,
he'll be inundated in that picture above.
I got to meet him at the very end when everyone left,
nice guy!
No I didn't stand here waiting the whole night...
I should have taken pics of the beater cars.
A privately owned ride will be about $14k,
so I can't imagine how much money the pros have in these things.
The mechs were swappin struts and arms between heats.
The poor guys were shaking wheels,
hoping they wouldn't fall off.
Even on a tame track they get torn up.
Another reason for all that hay raking!
This was a cool hairpin turn,
at the end of a fast straightaway.
A couple cars could get on 3 wheels.
Sadly the spectator distance was too far
for the iPhone to get good shots at other spots.
Another guy had a Samsung phone
which seems like it has a way better camera.
There was a good wreck in the boneyard.
A team took out this whole fence.
The busted post is a good clue,
and the remnants are in the background.
Rally cars have a driver and navigator.
This wasn't the car.
This one hit a bumper that fell off another car.
Rally races brought out the Subaru guys.
There were a handful of modified wagons.
A couple cool Cortinas.
There was one that actually raced.
Strange to see the track filled with people.
I think it will be a fun season!

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