23 March 2017

Princess - 1989 Ford F-150

Using the hot rod for a daily driver was a blast,
until heavy rains were predicted.
Craigslist hunting took precedence during any free time.
After weeding through dozens of sub-$1000 ads,
this jewel popped up.

A 2wd 1989 Ford F-150 long bed 
with a 300 6-cylinder and manual transmission,
hand crank windows and locks...
just what I needed.

While there were many cars,
having a hauler that can help with the future move seemed like a better tool.
I'd have loved to get another van,
but they're a premium up here,
either to keep stuff dry or as sleeping rigs,
I'm not sure.

A work friend drove me down 20 miles.
The truck looked and ran great!
There had been some recent repairs,
starter solenoid, battery... starter, clutch,
as well as some shady wiring mods.
I didn't ask why,
but about 18.75 miles into the 20 mile drive back,
I found out!
At the time it was 7:20pm,
raining... dark,
and I was ready to call it a day.
So was the truck,
as it died as soon as we reached our exit.
Holey Chit!
Too heavy to push,
I was barely off the freeway on the side of the road.
Poop rocks!!
I called the old owner,
and he basically had fixed the same problem,
without ever testing the charging system.
Most likely the alternator was bad.
The walk to my temporary home wasn't too bad,
but by the time I rode back on the bike with the voltmeter,
a tow truck and emergency vehicle had already arrived!
Holey double chit!!

Fortunately the guy was super nice,
and pushed me up the hill,
to guess where?
Within 60 feet from where the Mazda was snagged!!
Holey triple chit!!!
The spot,
the neon,
the situation,
it was a surreal experience,
especially after blowing my wad on a busted vehicle.
I rode the bike back and got the spare battery
that I had been jumping the hot rod with.
Oh did I mention that part?
The rains had wreaked havoc in the 6-volt system,
so I jumped it with a 12-volt spare from the van,
all week long...

The fresh battery got me to my bed,
and actually got me back and forth to work a few times,
til the weekend when the alternator was replaced.
So here it is in all its chromed trucker girl glory.
I swear the previous-previous owner
musta had the cheesy chrome catalog wish list.
For a work truck,
the bumpers are so flimsy and thin.
I hope this isn't how Ford made them,
definitely wouldn't tow the hot rod with these.
I've always wanted to rock 
the chrome girl license plate holder,
truely complete now.
I'll be calling this one princess...
The interior has the must have "Hang 10" pedal kit,
complete with the little brights switch mini foot.
Thankfully the radio works!
First car in 15 + years with non-stock tuneage.
The sides are graced with the weakest running boards,
they're barely bolted on,
and the bracketry is Home Depot after thought.
There's actually a string of lights on the side too.
Interestingly enough there's a magnaflow muffler 
and catalytic converter,
although it sounds stock,
at least I won't be hose clamping aluminum cans
 on any rust holes.
The directional wheels...
Oh yea...

It didn't take long to realize I'm a van guy,
trained to drive around with precious junk at all times,
however with a truck there's no hiding it.
Tough to park and go to the store.
Camouflaging with rags will only work so long.
A chance Craigslist score procured a perfectly fitting camper shell,
or as Oregoners say it "canopy".
I've got to admit every Craigslist deal has followed with a chat fest.
People here are so nice and interesting.
This was found in the Washington town of Battleground,
and picking it up was the perfect excuse to visit the area.
Thanks Corey!!
And lastly check this out,
an actual tree growing in the windshield.
It is so tough to grow tree seeds,
and here they grow on a car,
in 55 mph wind.
I transplanted it to get later when we move.

Hopefully this one sticks around...

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