30 April 2017

Tanker Leak

Little pictures make everything look good.
This tanker truck was dripping water,
actually streaming water.
A small hole sidelined this thing for a week.
The leak was at the pump manifold,
a basic 4" pipe and elbow.
After years working on metal boats,
this was like old times.
Inside was about what I expected,
craters and pits.
Just like any rust cancer spot,
the outer damage is 1/10 of what's hidden behind.
Bring out the ole donkey dick... 
grind away.
If only it was a little longer.
The hole was mig welded in and out.
Crude but effective.
When I remember something like
"everything you learned got you to this point"...
Why didn't I learn how to just make a pile of cash?
Instead I get the dirty job no one else here can do!
My trusty can of epoxy primer.
Yea I actually brought this up from SD,
just in case a side job came up.
The paint fumes musta gave me a little flashback.
A couple partial coats and this was good to go.
If I repair stuff too bulletproof,
I won't have anything to do if I stick around here!
The anxiousness I had when we filled the tank up,
reminded me of all the boats dropped in the water.
Will the welds hold?
Will the seals leak?
Is everything put together correctly?
No problem...
Bring on the next project!

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