04 April 2017

Portland Roadster Show

I'd been looking forward to the 
Portland Roadster Show for months.
It was on the list of positives 
when deciding to try this PDX gig,
especially since it was in walking distance from the racetrack.
Actually it was more like skating distance,
I parked near work,
to save on the $8 parking fee...
One thing I immediately noticed when flying up for the work interviews,
was a cheap airport burger in San Diego/San Francisco
will run about $13.
Airport burgers in Portland are about $4.95,
and that's with bacon.
That was another thing I added to the positive list.
Well that ratio is like the GNRS 
(grand national roadster show),
which holds about 11 buildings inside and out,
of 90% damn fine hot rods,
to the indoor only PRS,
which held 3 buildings of car enthusiast ware,
about 3/5 deserved to be there.
Maybe I was sour cause the truck theft
made me decide to not show Chief,
cause I didn't know if I'd need it as a daily still.
Or maybe since the Perich's use our hot rods as work trucks and actual vehicles,
I'm not enthusiastic about a polished turd,
or a beginning welders rat rod experiment.
There was a lot of that there...too much.
Guess it's a by-product of long rainy winters.
Ok soften up already...
There were more cool cars than my phone memory allowed,
and there's a dedicated hot rod community up here.
I dug how this '40 had a stinkbug stance,
even with the torched spring.
What this "roadster show" needed,
was more roadsters.
More than 5 or 6 anyway.
This one was tops.
Mebbe next year!

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