29 March 2016


First off,
F garage door mechanisms.
Crazy rat trap contraptions.
For years now the motor hasn't worked,
since the sensors are out of alignment.
No problem,
lifting it isn't that big a deal.
The problem,
is the cable would pop off the pulley.
I had a method using pipe wrenches,
and it kinda worked,
but really no,
as the wire would slip after a month or so.
Recently it seemed impossible to fix,
I left it shut for almost 2 weeks.
Time to fix it,
the good old hack way.
Garage door ...1 - Me ...0
Holey effin chit...
This was more a result of laziness.
The old truck in the garage 
was in line with the door,
actually over the line,
so it would hit the bumper 
on the way down.
My hands happened to be near the truck,
kinda like a guillotine.
Yeah both hands like an idiot.
This image flashed in my head.
I immediately tried to make fists,
to make sure nothing was broken.
Throbbing but nothing busted.
I went inside and recouped.
No not that one...
What would Jake do?
He would have studied on YouTube,
found videos that showed the trick,
and fixed it in 10 minutes,
using garage scrap.
Garage ...1 - me ...1

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