24 March 2016

Hot Rod Addict Award

Had this strange coincidence the other day.
Real strange.
So I get home about 3:30,
kinda burnt and plop on the couch.
I see this ad for...you know it...
Enough to cover a 10x10.
We start texting,
and I'm getting reluctant.
Kids have homework so no help there.
A solo mission.
My typed reply took 2 minutes to push send.
Time to get movin!
I'm drivin up,
and it happens to be a friends old house.
Matt and his family had rented it 
a couple years back.
Now there was a monster garage in the yard.
And what the heck?
Is that a 1932 ford roadster?
Rob was surprised I knew.
We loaded up way more bricks then expected,
and I had to check out his stash.
A most perfect original 1929 roadster...
And wow a just finished 1930 coupe.
I had seen this one being built on Instagram,
and it had just been shown at the GNRS.
I've always wanted to build another "chief",
but a white one with shiny chrome.
Seeing this project made me want more!
When he hinted how much he had into it,
I thought,"ok maybe later..."
Still a great hot rod.
Cool to meet someone 
with a hot rod addiction worse than mine!
On the way home I had to call Matt.
Such a weird experience!
So many bricks...
Thanks Rob!

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