01 March 2016

Colorado meets the Barrio

After the GNRS,
a couple hot rodders drove down
to see one of Jason's projects.
Definitely one heckuva mobile unit!
I think it was 43 feet long.
Inside were a couple cool old race cars.
A little dirt track,
a little early drag race.
I'd watched the blue one being built.
The engine was the original 235 race block
since about 1956,
sporting a real Wayne flow through head.
I've always wanted one!
This made a racket when running!
The original racer/builder Cal Kenedy
had a plethora of stories.
And a really cool scrapbook,
full of old pics and stickers.
Each one had a history or explanation.
This was the first year Bell Helmet,
fiberglass starting to plasticize the world.
Many cool photos were too dark to repost.
You'll have to meet up at the next 
Hot Rod Hillclimb or GNRS show.
Was a good time meeting people 
away from the public.
No distractions,
and we almost got them to take a barrio lap!
Now how to get a crazy trailer like that...

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