16 March 2016

Jake's skateboard press

So Jake had a project to do
for his video production class.
He decided to show
how to make a skateboard.
Of course with a 2 week head start,
this was cutting it close.
Where'd he get that from?
He had researched online for months,
mainly YouTube,
and found a concrete form method.
It was difficult,
but I tried to stand back 
as much as possible.
The grease in the gears...
He learned why math is important.
Using a concrete volume formula
of 133 lbs/cubic foot,
this took 4-90 LB bags of concrete.
The mix and pour wasn't as easy as expected.
The bottom had some aeration on the edge.
No problem.
We smoothed the surface with bondo.
Next up was the actual press.
Some people used weights or clamps,
most used a traditional hydraulic press.
Those guys didn't know how to weld!
We experimented with an easier method.
Basically a frame,
with 6 drop down attachment points.
Big bolts and nuts would squeeze it together.
We were down to the wire,
finishing this part by the last weekend,
project due on thursday!
Holey chit.
On Monday I surprised him and 
smoothed the mold out a bit better,
so when he got home,
we'd be ready to laminate.
The gluing was done half one day,
the outer layers the second day.
Instead of wood glue we used epoxy.
In the back you can see the veneers.
We found 1/16 maple to be a rip off,
almost $50 shipped per board!
There's a monopoly on it.
Instead we used 1/8" birch found locally,
at $16 per 4x4 sheet,
enough for 2 boards!
This was a 3-ply.
I sanded down the glued surfaces 
with 40 grit on a DA,
to thin them down a bit,
so 4 layers would be closer to 7/16".
The new blank looked factory!
He knocked out the trimming
and assembly while I was out.
Now he's got a side business for summer!
I'll have to get his video in here...