28 March 2016

A Passion for Easter

Brutal Easter for the kids this year,
mainly the boys,
as Macey's still a youngster.
Instead of baskets, candy and eggs,
they got to watch the basis for Easter,
shown in the movie "Passion of the Christ".
Definitely a true "Holy Chit" moment,
the last hours of Jesus...
We had seen it years ago,
brutal and savage.
The wife wouldn't sit through it a 2nd time,
although she did watch parts,
her eyes tearing up within minutes.
And yeah mine too.
If you didn't you've got a heart of stone!
It's arguable whether the movie was too graphic,
basically a gruesome religious horror flick.
Historically flogging and crucifixion 
were examples to subdue the population.
If you're a "bad guy", 
you get nailed to a cross,
you're knees smashed with a hammer,
and you dangle from your dislocated shoulders,
suffocated by your own weight.
Then left up there for a couple days.
That'll keep people in line!
Anyway now the boys can digest as they wish.
America has so many holidays,
but we forget the original reasons.
Watch it!

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