31 March 2016

whaler resto - part xviii - protection

If you read the last post,
our whaler transformed into a work boat,
one of the original reasons to have it.
The flat tri-hull is a stable loading platform,
it barely tips at the dock,
however what a thumper in choppy conditions.
The big difference in a family boat 
and a work boat is not moving weight around,
it's getting stuck in rougher conditions,
and returning later than expected.
Jaxon, Jakob and Macey Perich
When you see the kids
shivering and turning blue,
it's time to give them your flannel
and head for home.
On a project,
you can get stuck on a long chilly ride.
It only takes that one time 
to pack an extra jacket.

The perfect solution is a windshield.
I liked this custom version from the start,
and had imagined whittling one out of wood.
Probably why it never happened.

This guy had been hawking traditional
Boston Whaler center console frames,
but tricky to modify to a side console.
The answer came at the Big 3 Swap,
a tossed stainless frame.
Now thats my style.
It took a couple weekends to envision,
thoughts strayed to widening the dash.
Finally the grinder was busted out.
No more stalling.
custom boston whaler side console
Once the plan was in motion,
the fabbing went quickly.
No yacht quality work,
lotsa cut and pasting the tubes,
into a solid shiny frame.
tubular re-engineering
The bases were bent to fold over the edge.
If I really tweak out,
the bottom corner is a thru-hole for wires,
maybe for a spotlight or two.
Ok maybe the fabbing didn't go that fast.
Or maybe I shoulda started earlier.
Back at home,
we made a template for the plexiglass,
with cut-outs for hands or line.
Trimmed, screwed and glued...
Almost like it was there forever.
Even after the time change,
I'm still getting caught in the dark.
Green Boston Whaler 17' custom w/Yamaha 90 hp
You may have noticed the bimini top.
Another freebie.
I used to kinda laugh at them,
and still do if they're up when buzzing around,
billowing like a parachute.
This folds forward or back.
and it'll be nice to have some shade.
Mounted on the rails,
it's high enough to stand under.
green boston whaler 17' w/Yamaha 90 outboard
How does it work?
Have we tried it yet?

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