09 March 2016


Ahh I've been dreading this post,
but the time is now,
I need to clear my iPhones memory,
and get to some positive stuff!
Way back last year,
I started working on a little 30 pickup,
owned by a guy 
I had nicknamed Dumbass in my phone.
The kids would say...
"You got a text from dumbás"


It was a POS,
and what a relief to see it go.
Bummer for the next guy it would trap.
A couple months later,
he too burned out,
and a deal was made to get it on the road.
Tony got to do the fun part,
chopping the top,
and some of the not fun part,
putting 3rd rate junk together.
Even the gas he had was junk,
arguing that it was ok.
The work and it's fixes were so mangy and crappy,
it's embarassing to show pictures.
That's what happens when rushed,
using junk parts,
and basically working for free.
This was like stuff done on a work boat.
Make it strong so Dumbass doesn't die.
One step above a rat rod.
The STD list grew every day,
slopping it together like a madman.
It was like practice to do decent work quick.
Just what I needed.
Dumbass had no clue how to finish it,
although he would send dozens of website links 
to information on how to finish it.
Some that I actually wrote.
Holey chit...
Miraculously I got it running 
in time for the big Mooneyes show,
but he was too chicken to drive it there,
trailering it like a pansy...
I guess that's common nowadays.
Create a new car club with guys that buy hot rods,
then trailer them to car shows.
I'll be happy to build and drive them.
Whatever the case 
it didn't look bad from far away,
maybe cause of Tony's pipes and chop,
or maybe my stance redo,
tire size and headlight bar...
Then it got interesting.
I caved into his whining,
and let him take the truck without reimbursement,
trusting he would be good on his word.
Shoulda known.
30 texts a day turned into 1 every 3 days.
If that.
I'd have to hound him on Instagram!
Of course this was during xmas,
the perfect tine to get screwed.
I actually had to hold his other project hostage, 
hanging it in the rafters.
He tried to sneak it contacting the other shop guys.
In the end he never had the balls 
to pay up or talk to me directly,
he threatened lawyers and other crazy talk.
I ended up throwing his junk outside.
Easier to purge rather than sink.

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  1. Hopefully you finally were paid. I was wondering what was happening watching "his" projects over on Instagram.....the car world is a small circle and I'm waiting for a guy to 'emerge' locally and it's been around 9 years and he's still hiding from the "scene".