13 March 2016


We've found the secret
on how to grow rocks.
Three rock towers weren't enough,
and finding individual rocks takes forever.
A chance CL ad to the rescue.
A guy giving away free rocks,
with delivery!
Just dump them in the street,
we'll take care of it!
Calvin was a landscaper,
and specialized in waterfalls.
These were extra from a display 
at the fairgrounds.
He looked at the kids questionably,
like,"this is your help?"
He didn't realize these kids grew up
on hard labor!
"No problem..."
"That's it?"
were their replies.
There were a couple big rocks in that pile,
we rolled it Mayan style using wood sticks.
He gave us a handful of tickets,
but we didn't rally to go.
Instead I paid it forward,
giving something away on CL,
instead of being a moocher!
The neighbors were confused,
how did a pile of rocks suddenly appear.
 magically grew,
now we have 8!
Thanks Calvin!

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