03 August 2015

Hurtlocker Truck - too shiny?

Very surreal watching the Hurtlocker Truck come together.
There's been so much time and effort 
into making the first 90% fit correctly,
the last 10% is painstakingly time consuming.
As shims and washers line up the gaps,
every millimeter of change effects an adjoining panel,
which changes the bolt on stuff like bumpers and grilles.
There is confidence that we've seen it damn near close to perfect 
before and during the paint process,
but tightening bolts,
new seals, compressed rubber and time 
move things that small amount.
Rolls of blue tape protect edges from chips and scratches.
Fortunately Ken has had found time to tackle many of the small details.
You should see the interior...
(Forgot pic!)
Now is it too shiny?
Is the chrome headlight ring too much?
He may go to a painted version.

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