27 August 2015

Sloppy's Hauler

I've been a van guy for years,
either VW buses or ford vans.
The enclosed area is secure,
one of the excuses for hauling 
a couple hundred pounds of random junk,
months after a project is finished.
Vans are easy to haul around family,
friends and in the old days a dog or two.
We did have a little Mazda b2200 for a year,
but a neighbor snatched it up in a weak moment.
When the van crapped out months back,
a friend Sloppy offered up his truck,
a beat extra-cab lowered Toyota.
 didn't seize the opportunity quickly,
and the van was running by the time he dropped it off.
I had driven in it before,
and there's a definite difference between
A 200+K mile one ton van,
and a 200+K mile mini truck,
some positive and some negative.
Well after 500 miles,
I can see why people love these little haulers.
And I didn't realize we moved around so much crap!
The gas savings alone is convenient,
as 2 gallons can last a couple days,
instead of maybe one day.
Even the kids have gotten on the bandwagon.
Jaxon is considering this or a similar one
as his first car.
It's funny even as rusty as it is,
there are guys that comment on this thing all the time.
Maybe it's the fancy wire wheels.
One thing we haven't loaded yet,
is a lawn-mower.
Thanks Sloppy!


  1. I had a 1997 3dr. extended cab S-10 for 12 years and it was the most dependable ride I ever owned (did I mention I don't like chevies). Bought used and put 225,000 miles on it and the 4cyl. 5speed returned and honest 29mpg running the a/c. I LOVE small trucks.

    1. That's a lot of miles!
      We usually get cars that already have that many!

  2. My 1st ever vehicle was an 83 Nissan little truck, and that was a super little beast... I had it about a year before inattention caused me to hit a station wagon in a traffic jam outside Baltimore on the I95. Total crumpled front end. It's meant to do that, but it was a 15 mph hit. Anyway, I can support the idea to get a little truck, and by the way, Toyotas last FOREVER with very few replacement parts. A old man co-worker of mine had 375,000 miles on his last time I saw him... only one replacement starter, and one replacement timing chain. http://justacarguy.blogspot.com/2011/11/374000-mile-toyota-original-owner-and.html