26 August 2015

crunch time - sharp engineering's 30 sedan

Ventura Nationals 2015 is coming up next weekend, 
a perfect deadline for a hot rod builder.
It's fun watching another's methods,
how they prioritize each part of the project.
Which is more important,
getting it running,
or making it look like the picture in your head?
In hot rodding that's a 50-50.
Working on a cool looking car is the perfect catalyst,
other than a fat wad of cash.
Jason spent a weekend chopping his model A sedan.
And another couple days 
shoehorning in this 1940 chevy dash.
And another day smoothing out the chop lines,
than adding some color.
Now it's crunch time.
Only a few days left.
Wiring, brakes, steering, engine running...
Ya think,
Dang, what why didn't I do this last week?
Let's see if he makes it!
Anyone want to make a bet?

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