29 July 2015

Lizard Skin

Sound and heat insulation on car panels is a learning process.
I've found out the hard way 
to not use the aluminized lint filled rolls,
like dynamat,
if your car has no windows and ya leave it in the rain.
No bueno.
Ken's been talking about this spray on insulation,
Lizard Skin,
for at least a year now.
I'm usually a little hesitant on nicknamed coatings.
What actually is the chemical your hiding?
In this case,
it's a latex based paint with micro-balloon filler,
sprayed on with an undercoat gun.
 Didn't sound too promising,
no wonder they use the catchy nickname.
Well I may be a convert.
This is basically a bedliner type material,
goes on thick and goopy.
The backside of certain panels weren't as pretty,
and this lizard skin camouflaged any cosmetic issues.
More importantly,
it muffled the sound from tapping on the sheetmetal.
Not only will the truck be quieter and cooler,
the undersides should be better protected, 
from small rocks that could cause dents 
in the now perfect fenders.
The original plan was to use this sparingly on select panels,
but with Ken as the taper/prepper,
I sprayed this chit on everything.
Now the pieces can be finally be assembled.
Time will tell how long the Lizard Skin will last.
I'll definitely use a variation of this in the future,
probably making my own concoction!
Amazing what Hau (painter) could do without a spray booth.
The reflection is so smooth,
and not even polished yet.
Yes the doors are finally mounted.
This wire hider made it a really fun project.
The Hurtlocker Truck is coming together!