18 August 2015

Klipsch Cornwall... Wow!

Coming from a vintage stereo junkie,
can one ever be satisfied with their equipment?
Apparently not!
I spied the perfect eBay ad.
Unflattering pictures,
local pickup only,
user condition...
My bid was so low I didn't expect to win.
Uh oh...
Just what we needed,
more speakers.
Now to make the space and money.
In a moment of desperation,
I listed things I'd never thought I'd give up.
Is there a fish for every hook?
When it comes to desireable vintage audio gear,
You bet.
I only needed to flip one pair of JBL 4311's,
but Austin drove a hard bargain,
and took off with the 2 remaining pair.
Sad to see the empty spots 
those had taken for so long.
Now for the hard part,
the Cornwalls were up in Sacramento.
Enlist a nor-cal friend for the pickup?
By chance I found a huffer on Instagram,
perfect timing and cheaper than gas up-n-back.
Tough to put trust in basically a stranger,
but IG makes it easy to sleuth someone's history.
Jason went beyond my expectations,
and even put the big boxes into his truck cab,
keeping them out of the sun.
I hauled up to LA that night!
The pictures were very deceiving,
these puppies are huge!
That's a 15" woofer,
and the box is 36" high!
The Fortes are tiny in comparison.
The utilitarian woodwork was better then expected.
These babies thump!
The bass is thundering,
the highs are crisp.
American made in 1979.
The wife and kids love them!
Now to make some space!
Thanks Tim for the deal!