06 August 2015

brick infrastructure

Those darned bricks...
The unfinished brickwork was so much better
then the previous dirt and weeds,
we got used to the temporary permanency.
The new brickpile changed things up.
The pavers and mismatched bricks recycled yet again.
Now there's a clean grinding spot.
The paver removal catalyzed brick laying.
A couple weekend hours,
but more evening hours,
bleeding into the night,
with the infamous single bulb.
The kids even put their time in,
really helps to see the progression.
The high-low transition was tricky,
it's not perfect but way better
The brick laying is actually very soothing.
Something about working in the dirt,
even though it's getting covered up..
But working on the car in the dirt isn't as much fun.
Now running brake and fuel lines won't be a dreaded chore.
Didn't really dent the brick pile though!

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