13 August 2015

Hot Rocks

There's few things I'll drop everything for,
and currently one of them is free rocks.
It's all about the infrastructure...
But it has to be worth our while.
Rallying up the kids early is no easy feat.
This ad was up for about 40 minutes,
which is late in the free rock and brick game.
The kids powered it out.
I was a slave driver in the hot sun.
Wrong day for their friend to hang out...
Our wheelbarrow was slow 
in comparison to their bobcat mover.
The kids pittered out as the trailer filled up.
Stay in school boys...
The trailer had no sides,
and it was getting heavy.
Not easy letting the remainder go.
A quick trailer drop off sounded good.
Plans changed on the drive down.
That's not how we roll.
The short break was reinvigorating, 
and when your dirty lets finish the job!
The lava rocks were spread thick,
maybe too thick,
but they'll recede into the silty dirt quickly.
This will definitely keep the dust down.
It also looks a bit more professional,
while saving our shoes.
Free involved a ton of labor.
Thanks Jim for the hook-up!

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