15 April 2015

The Leak

Back in February,
the house was overrun with a peculiar odor.
A crawl under the house...
Holey Chit!
Our very own cesspool.
I don't check under there much.
The 60 year old cast iron pipe,
finally gave way.
The leak was in the wall,
not too obvious until disrupting the fragile plumbing,
then the leak was unstoppable.
Management sent out a plumbing crew,
who wouldn't fix it til the area was dry.
The wash room was sealed,
and a dehydrator was hooked up.
For almost 2 weeks this thing heated the enclosure,
and filtered the air.
In 2 strokes of genius,
the machines water drain was put in the sink,
which spilled back to the floor or under the house.
Then we realized the kitchen sink
partially drained back out the now open plumbing hole,
under the house.
Holey Double Chit!!
Instead of washing dishes in the bathroom,
a 5-gallon bucket did draining duty.
You don't realize how much water is used for dishes!
The grey water was utilized all over the yard,
the plants loved it.
After a couple weeks,
the demo could be started.
Until multiple red flags were thrown.
Mold and asbestos...
Fortunately the plumbers snuck in and fixed the leak first.
The mold wasn't the evil kind,
but to contractors mold is mold.
The asbestos was in the tile glue,
not the overly toxic type,
but to contractors...
The abatement was crazy,
multiple control tents.
One to enter,
one to dress,
one to walk,
and the main for work.
The guys really scrubbed the place clean.
Work couldn't continue until the area tested safe,
one of the reasons this had taken so long.
The garage like room was great for storage.
Now I know why there are specialty subcontractors.
Hopefully these wires weren't hot.
6 weeks later the room was back to normal!
Sadly the original cast iron sink was replaced.
Someone had tossed or taken the adjustable base.
The room got tight quick!
After 7 weeks we could finally use our hot rod washing machine.
This thing is awesome.
Not as water conscious,
but it will hold a big family load.
Clothesline a back!

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