19 April 2015

Low Budget Stylin'

Ever since losing that wallet full of cash,
I've been tightening our already frugal lifestyle.
Frugal does not mean meager.
For a moment I thought,
F this.
Sell everything,
boat, cars, stereos...
press the reset button.
That moment passed.
What would we do with money?
Too much makes people act weird.
There's value in our clutter.
Maybe more organized though!
The thing I realized at that weak moment,
was most of our stuff is projects,
or is a finished project.
That means there's an adjoining history,
a lesson learned,
or a little piece of my soul attached.
Sometimes it's worth it to lose that memory,
and send that item down the road.
Sometimes the piece was so cheap,
the deal so good,
there's no way to replace it once gone,
unless paying face value.
This little project was a reminder of that.
A $5 pair of new factory broken Hobie's,
after a little magic,
just as good as an $80 pair.
It's like a very light trickle down theory.
Then I go blow it on a suit to wear twice.

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