30 April 2015

#tbt whaler 13

Yesterday Macey and I were driving around.
She wondered who the new owner of her yaya's (grandmother) old car was.
That was worth a Thrifty Ice Cream stop.
Not sure what her attachment was to the SUV,
but it was neat she realized it didn't just disappear.
Today a strange coincidence happened.
The new owner of our whaler 13 came by.
I'd been wondering what happened to it.
We found out he had been living a parallel life.
Almost immediately after acquiring the old beater,
he tore through it.
Sanding, fiberglassing and painting the hull,
and adding a workboat like wood rub rail,
somehow pulling it off inside his garage.
The fumes and fiberglass dust is bad enough outside in the wind.
It happened to be nearby,
so I had to take a look.
He wasn't kidding about the tugboat style push-bar!
Since he's a boat mechanic,
the whaler is basically a tool,
modified to serve his purpose,
while also an example of his abilities.
I'm envious he beat me to it!
Fortunately his styling is different than mine.
Maybe a stainless pushbar on ours will do the trick...
Cool he kept the wood benches,
that was quality mahogany.
And the old Zuke and tiller seat.
here's to it's second life,
or third...
Great job Whaler Joe!


  1. Smart gal, she conned you into buying ice cream. A cutie pie to boot.

    1. I gotta teach her how to get her own way!
      The boys a different story...