17 April 2015


The internet is a weird place.
Forums allow us to shamelessly self promote our handy-work,
or ask others for help.
Certain people gravitate to certain people.
Friendships are made through posted pictures
and witty comments.
The early HAMB was a great place to meet like-minded gearheads.
Over a dozen years,
my projects were picked apart or applauded,
by these invisible people,
and vice versa.
Last month "hotrodjeep" came into town,
all the way from Iowa.
One of the few onliners I've ever met.
We immediately dove into a series of mechanical tasks,
it was like I knew him for years,
which we have.
 Jeff helped dial in the mustang engine,
pull this '33 ford engine,
and pop the hood off the 40,
with good conversation in the mix.
Amazingly enough without getting his white shirt dirty!
Good times my future pig-farming friend!
Thanks for all the help...


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