10 April 2015

Gun Shy

One of the easiest ways to lose mechanical confidence,
is to have a big money engine 
chew itself up from the inside.
The weak Proform roller rockers were the probable culprit, 
unable to cope with the Edelbrock RPM valve springs.
The question was how much more damage had occurred.
There was at least a couple teaspoons of metal powder coursing through the engine.
The oil filter was dissected,
and there was a fair amount inside.
The 302 engine was partially disassembled in the mustang,
and cleaned as thoroughly as possible,
using magnets, paper towels, diesel and gasoline.
There was fine metal powder everywhere,
in the oil pump and every horizontal surface.
The crankshaft stayed in,
but the front bearing journal checked clean.
As soon as Ken thought we were finished,
we'd wipe and flush it one more time.
Quality replacement parts had arrived,
and the differences were obvious.
The Scorpion rockers are so beefy!
The Edelbrock lifters looked bulletproof as well.
The comp cams lifters used a wire spring,
the Edelbrock's had a circlip type lock.
The reassembly was going to be extra cautious,
and just like a tv show,
there was additional drama thrown in the mix.
The mustang had resided in an empty garage.
The house had been on the market,
and now it was in the last week of escrow.
Of course Ken had to leave on a work trip,
and at the last minute,
the Saturday move out deadline was bumped up to Wednesday!
Holey chit...
Fortunately a mechanic friend was available,
four eyes better than two eyes.
The engine was wiped down one last time,
and all moving parts liberally greased,
with a concoction "borrowed" from a friend...thanks Jason!
Moly on the lobes, 
Schneider cam grease on the bearings,
and red engine lube everywhere else.
Alex and I double teamed on the valve adjustment,
leaving no guesswork.
The dampener was marked at 90 degree intervals,
with the coordinating pistons etched in as well.
With the long block assembled,
it was time for a break.
His first time at Hodad's...
Back at it with full bellies,
oil and additive was poured in.
Thanks to Uncle Steve,
a custom machined oil pump attachment pumped oil through the engine.
Of course after I remembered a ford distributor goes counterclockwise.
(I'll hammer out an arrow•••••>!)
Oil dribbled up the pushrods,
cleaning out the bearings as well.
At 7pm I was running out of steam.
Still a lot to do. 
A couple Easter chocolates did the trick.
At 8pm it was go time.
Alex was ready to start it up,
I was hesitant.
The break-in was almost flawless.
Previously the engine sounded like a diesel,
with a clattering valve train.
Now it sounded like a sewing machine.
I slept well that night.
Th next morning I cleaned up the garage,
no clues of the couple month thrash.
Still needs to be buttoned up.
I'll recheck the valves with the oil change.
Fortunately I have it for a week to dial in the brakes and engine.
Maybe I should build up the 40's 302...

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