02 April 2015

April Fools... Proform vs Scorpion

Welcome again to the money pit.
Some cars need never ending attention and must be showered with expensive trinkets,
like women or girls I tend to avoid.
Sadly if you buy substandard items,
even if the salesmen suggests them,
the outcome isn't pretty.
Thanks Jegs...
The question is what came first,
the broken rocker arm(s) or the new worn lifters
and probably camshaft.
Even the unworn lifters had issues,
fully compressed.
The trouble was most likely a result of the edelbrock performer rpm heads,
which have heavy duty valve springs.
Although these little lifters were suggested by a Jegs salesperson,
who had access to K's sales history,
there's no way they could stand the constant pressure,
if compared to the overbuilt Scorpion versions.
The proform rocker arms were questionable out of the packing.
Like an April Fools joke,
they'd rattle when shaken.
Not a good sign on a precision machine part.
We had even called up the Jegs tech-line,
to question there use,
but were given the go ahead.
Nothing has made me want to work on the whaler 
more than this frustrating situation!
A new cam kit is on order...

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