13 January 2015


A friend of a friend had an upcoming project,
and somehow I pulled the long straw.
The goal was to strip this blue beauty,
for plunder to use on his next boat.
Typical hot rod donor vehicle.
The cherry was this clean Mercury 80 hp outboard.
Obviously upgraded in the past.
This thing musta been a rocket.
It was a shame to tear this up,
made easier as it wasn't mine.
Mark only wanted the engine and some badges,
but since the boat was going to be sold basically for the trailer,
I got the steering (for the new whaler)
and the rub rails (for the old whaler).
The aluminum extrusion rail really cleaned up the old beater,
even though I never slipped in the black rubber.
As quickly as it appeared,
the little blue boat slinked away.
I'm sure the new owner is looking for all this stuff now.
The next step was to figure out how to overpower this old rig.
More later...

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