27 January 2015

GNRS 2015

Weeks ago there was a chirping in my ear from our first born.
"Are you gonna go to the grand national roadster show?"
"Ahh...when is it?"
On Friday and Saturday,
Instagram was flooded with pics of pre-events and show cars.
With people flying and driving in from all over the world,
we had to try.
The plan was to shoot up Sunday.
Which meant swapping the 302 starter out at 10 pm the night before.
The van or the 40...
we'd decide in the morning.
We chose the green machine,
and it drove amazingly smooth,
it's first time out of San Diego.
It would have been nicer with rear and door windows.
But if you've had a roadster then a roofed coupe is cushy enough.
We parked out in the lot,
and found out later on we could have rushed the gate,
had we rallied up an hour earlier.
Oh well.
There was a wide array of shiny vs driver cars.
Unbelievable the fit and finish of the top notch contenders.
With this being the 75th anniversary of 40 fords,
there was a dedicated room.
It was impressive.
Got to get the chopped one rolling!
Out of all the cars,
Jaxon's pick was this original zephyr.
High end taste.
More on this later.
A couple friends are reviving Hop Up magazine,
will be neat to see it's 3rd generation.
A fun time,
gathering a bit of inspiration for our own projects,
and ideas for others.

Good to see a few old and new friends too,
the laggers that didn't make it Saturday!
We visited Shinya's on the way back,
no pics though.
The drive was smooth and trouble free.
Final numbers were 20ish mpg at +- 70 mph!
Great cruiser and a glad we got to hang out!

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