15 January 2015

Double Thong

The first try at a new project,
I'll set aside a big chunk of time,
hashing out each step trying not to make mistakes.
The following tries,
I'll do multiple pieces,
fitting them into a slot half as long.
I had scrounged up a couple more cheap Brooks style bike saddles,
as the first seat had some rivet issues I wasn't happy with.
The one on the right is a knock-off Roadmaster brand.
The tabs soaked overnight,
softening up the leather.
After breakfast,
I had help lacing them up.
Jake was persistent enough to not lose this battle,
not realizing I made the holes on the small side.
They'd either stretch or shrink as the leather dried up.
He did a great job tightening them up.
This cut followed the Brooks Swallow lines,
more curved with pointed ends,
instead of trimmed flat like the first one.
No $20 seat will be safe now that we have the assembly line down pat.

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