16 January 2015

Over Repower

If you've been paying attention,
there's been a few clues to a little side project.
The most recent was that mercury outboard,
and a couple weeks back was this old boat.
It was time to join the two.
The sketchy part was the 60 year old transom.
Could it support an 80 hp engine?
I didn't think so.
The center part was doubled up,
and while the resin was out,
the top edges were sealed up.
A quick fairing coat to smooth out the roughs.
This part was so nasty I couldn't hold back.
This wasn't a quick bolt-on.
The owner had seen that transom extension bracket,
on our little whaler.
Way beefier then the 30 hp version.
Same 3/16 stainless plate.
Thanks to Brandon and Tanya 
for letting me use my welder with your 220!
Definite work boat styling.
No yacht welds and finish with this one.
Typical side project hours,
early or late.
And late meant working with the 34 watt bulb.
Got to love that Americoat epoxy primer.
It can be rolled on thick at 5 pm,
and dry enough to work with the next morning.
I had considered a 12" bracket,
but it seemed to much for the Glasspar Del Rey's 1957 styling.
The engine was so huge,
and the control cables a bit long,
A longer bracket may have worked out.
Especially with such an over-powered combination.
Maybe a 12" long bracket,
with molded in swim step boxes,
extending the waterline and adding a little floatation.
We'll see how it handles in a couple days!

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