29 January 2015

In n out

A couple months back,
a buddy Dino had this 1950's Glasspar Del Rey on the chopping block.
As the price lowered I mulled it over...
Too rough and needing a lot of work,
an engine and steering.
Plus the cabin thing takes up so much space.
They used to wear the captains hats when cruising around!
Somehow I got to fix it up anyway.
This was the stereotypical boat project,
starting out only as a simple engine bracket,
snowballing into a laundry list of upgrades.
Helping out the new owner Mark was actually fun,
as he was happy with workboat quality,
knowing this would be sitting in the salt indefinitely.
The collaboration was smooth.
This is what he wanted,
this is how I'd do it,
let's get it done.
Gonna be a handful with that 80hp mercury!
A real 1957 hot rod.
We were all stoked with the result.
Finally the alley spot was free.
Five hours later,
our next Whaler filled the space.
And I thought the previous boat was rough.
What a poop rock!
Holey Chit...
You won't believe what it took to get it here,
but that will be another post...

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