11 January 2015

San Diego Exposition Road Race Centennial

In 1915 there was an epic 300 mile race on the dirt roads of Point Loma,
the San Diego Exposition Road Race.
I found out about it accidentally years ago while randomly searching the internet,
and thought wow that would have been so cool to see.
And all that dirt!
Who'd a thought this would be prime real estate.
This was Rosecrans Blvd,
now Rosecrans St,
near where my parents live.
If the map is correct,
this would have been a couple blocks away from their house.

Well I've been living in a bubble,
and had no clue a 100 year anniversary cruise was taking place,
until a phone call from my Dad.
We lived a half block away from the course!
The kids and I rushed down just in time.
Loved seeing the cars actually driving.
Only got good shots of the cars stuck at the stop light,
there were a couple really neat speedsters rushing the hill.
We really should have motivated up to the show part of the day at Balboa Park.

But here's an excellent article with some detailed shots.
Thanks Jesse for the post!
Good times...

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