10 January 2015

More Holey Chit

We've got a tradition of whittling xmas trinkets,
as close to December 25th as possible.
This year was no exception.
In fact a couple times early on around Halloween and Thanksgiving,
a family discussion arose over what we'd do this year.
"Ahh we'll figure it out right before Christmas..."
well Christmas Eve's Eve night,
guess what Jake and I are doing!
We had a small list of last minute shopping to do,
and there are 2 stores I'll frequent,
the junk shop in Ocean Beach,
and Bevmo.
With time running out,
and no idea what to make,
a 15 minute period of quiet time helped reach into the depths of my memory.
Wonder Woman bracelets!
There was some brass scrap stashed at my grandmothers place,
and the flurry ensued.
A simple design actually took a lot of time,
but it was fun,
while also solidifying our conscious procrastinator mentality...
Which was so down to the wire,
that the crosses and finish polishing were done on Christmas Day!
After we got back from our annual whirlwind Ventura road trip to the wife's side of the family.
Maybe next year we'll start earlier.
Yeah right.

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