28 January 2015

More GNRS 2015...

Out of all the cars at the GNRS,
Jaxon's pick was this  stock 1937? Lincoln Zephyr.
Which was surprising out of all the customs and hot rods.
High end taste.
This one still had the v-12.
Probably sounded like a sewing machine.
Trick running-board shape.
Super cool tail light. 
There was a customized zephyr in one of the rooms,
and the builder(s) had removed all this stuff.
This 36 was kinda cool too.
I liked the custom trim.
This chopped 36 reminded me of my old unfinished project.
This 3-window 36 had a mean profile.
One of the best cars was out in the lot.
A real 1947 ex-race 1932 ford roadster.
Would love to see the back in the day pics.
There were some interesting mods,
like that deep belly pan.
And the front nose piece.
Funky but understandable on a dry-lakes racer.
Even better with a running Elco Twin spark plugged flathead.
On a driving non-trailered car!!
I think this was a 409.
Must be a handful to drive this roadster.
Another rare flathead mod,
a Riley conversion.
Lotsa 4-bangers.
Shoulda brought the Cradle Robber up!
Always liked the 5-spoke look on 40's.
I'll be on the hunt for a set at the big-3.
Or some slots I'd run those.
These were 14's though I'd like 15's.
An overly nice 29 coupe.
Wouldn't want to drive it!
Thought this was our uncle Steve's roadster!
So similar!
One of the neatest props was this lowrider trike.
I may have to copy this...

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