27 August 2014

The itch

Every summer the boating frenzy returns.
Even though we only go out a couple times,
the distraction holds.
For years we were happy with inflatables.
After finding out that RIB's-
hard bottom inflatables-
aren't easy to store,
we've kept the roll-up for brief excursions.
The last time out the realization that we outgrew the Avon hit.
As expected,
I started the craigslist hunt.
Not one to buy a complete running $$ boat,
a cheap project was found.
The curse of "oh yeah I can fix that..."
Many deals were missed.
Some for the better,
but others were scores for the new owners.
We took home this cheap 13' Whaler.
The other day I revisited fiberglass repairs.
Definite love-hate relationship there.
It's such an easy material to work with,
but dang the itch and dust/fumes.
This one had sat for years,
giving the Whaler foam plenty of time to dry.
Sealing any nicks all the more important to not waterlog the hull.
Definite work boat finish.
Now it's engine time.
Ancient outboards.
For now the goal is to rip out the gas hog,
and let the kids tear it up with the little 15.
Hopefully keep them out of trouble.
Of course right at the end of summer!

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