04 August 2014

brick by brick

I'm sure you guys are eager to know the brickwork progress.
Sunday Jakob and I jammed out to get some free bricks.
Just like the picture...
A weird deal,
no number or address,
just a street name.
We got there first,
I thought we had it sealed,
until another guy barreled in and started taking some.
We scurried and got as many bricks as fast as we could.
Dang craigslisters...
Not too big a deal,
We still got 2/3 the pile,
while also learning a little business lesson.
At lunch I found another ad.
More bricks!
We missed these,
probably taken by the same guy!
We spent all Sunday laying these damn things.
That wasn't the plan.
The rain had helped soften up the hardpack,
and it was hard to stop.
Jaxon was the master chipper,
hammering off the cement.
Jakob smoothed the dirt out.
A finely tuned machine.
It's hard to see a difference here.
The right row of bricks was removed,
any extra dirt was sifted and spread out,
and now it's an inch or more higher,
as it sloped down.
There's still a lot that could be done,
but the visual from the alley looks clean,
instead of a never ending project.

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