22 August 2014

Pave the World - part IV

Yep another installment.
For some reason I'm obsessed with this brick thing.
Well that first pic is just a distraction.
Guess I'm teaching the kids to like rocks!
A friend hooked up the motherlode brick stash.
Over 500 clean mortar-free bricks.
Glad we brought the trailer.
Jaxon was kinda bummed he didn't have a job now.
The goal was this catch-all section.
The kids removed the fence wood and the weeds.
Wow it looks so messy in pics!
What is all this chit?
The clean bricks layed themselves.
Jaxon screwed in the fence wood much straighter then before.
Now there's a nice gap too.
We actually got rid of a bunch of junk,
doesn't look like it it but we did.
As you can see there's a ton more bricks left...

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