20 August 2014

Sneak Peak III - Hurtlocker Truck

The past couple weeks have been a huge learning experience.
I never realized how much work a shiny black paint job took.
There's an obsessiveness needed to get every panel perfect.
The painter has an interesting process.
His mantra was repeated often...
"We put on a socote to see what's going on."
I've finally figured out what that meant.
The definition was easy,
spraying a pre-topcoat to clarify problem areas.
No other way to see the reflection without guessing.
One day at lunch I had to solve this puzzle.
What is he saying? 
So coat? 
Seal coat? 
Sew coat like when you sew your house for sale.
Show coat!
Finally the mystery was solved.
Guess there's no SHH in the Vietnamese language.
I had him try to say "show",
but it always started out in a whistling S.
Good times.
Now we've painted ourselves into the proverbial corner.
Everything is shiny black and perfect.
I told ken were gonna have to wear a pillow suit or snuggy to work on this now!

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