03 August 2014

JBL 4311 crossovers

What a nice treat,
a little rain to wet out the so-cal dryness.
Just enough sprinkling to delay the brickwork too.
The perfect time to tear up some speakers.
The far right pair had some weird sound issues.
There is a crossover underneath this aluminum plate.
Well the mounting screws anyway.
It seems like water had soaked in over the years,
and the pot or controller was messed up.
Inside there's a simple mechanism,
until it's taken apart anyway.
There's a lot of info on rebuilding these.
I had ordered new capacitors and L-pads,
based on what I found online.
Not the prettiest work,
but should hold up.
All back together,
I seriously wasn't sure if there was much difference.
The L-pad controllers worked much better,
however there is such a huge range in the 2 knobs,
the upgrade just seemed to allow more change.
They do sound sweet though!
Since the wife was working,
I decided to take over the dining room,
and wipe that wood rejuvenator on all the veneer,
on all of them! 
Ah the smell.
Fortunately everything was dismantled by the time she came home...

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