12 August 2014

Sneak peak II - Hurtlocker Truck

The past couple weeks have been like going to school,
Paint & Bodywork 101.
The previous sheetmetal work is being meticulously treated to mind-numbing detail...
...by How who definitely didn't know what he was getting into agreeing to do this project!
I think he's applied 4 gallons of bondo,
but sanded off at least 3.
Meanwhile I'm like the guy shoveling coal into the fire,
or the guy sweeping the ice in that winter Olympic game - curling.
Whatever it takes to make things go.
With the humid air we've had some compressor problems.
Fortunately Ken has enough stuff lying around to rig up a solution.
So between the sanding, hammering and welding,
there's the equipment maintenance.
I've become way to accustomed to home-cooked Vietnamese lunches.
So tasty and not the typical meats I'm used too!
There's a light at the end of the tunnel,
Now back to more sanding...

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