01 August 2014

Dirty Dozen

First of the month,
Gotta start it off right.
Earlier this week,
finally got the Cradle Robber out of it's stall.
Mechanically not much was needed,
some brake and clutch adjustment.

The issue was this never ending brick project.
I had inconveniently dumped the bricks around the fence line,
layering enough chit so they wouldn't open all the way.
Over the past weekend we had a little luck,
and found a stash of mostly clean bricks,
allowing a quick lay up.
Really it's a quicker lay-up.
The dirt still needs to be dug down level,
otherwise it's not as good a skating surface.
Yeah priorities.
If you noticed,
we raised the swinging gate to compensate for the brick height.
So yeah not too exciting,
but it'll be nice in the long run.
Every evening we/I try to get about an hour in.
Even a dozen bricks covers that much more area.
A great workout...
So now even though the truck is free,
gotta keep chugging along.

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