02 July 2014

Tin Can Alley

Tried to take the cradle robber for a quick spin yesterday
Poor car wasn't to thrilled to be neglected for a couple weeks,
Then expect to just get up and go.
The banger took some time to warm up,
more importantly it took the last bit of gas in the tank.
I got up the alley,
and a new sound appeared.
While it sounded like the exhaust pipe fell off,
It was only a small hole.
A good reason to take the kids off weed duty,
and show them a quick fix.
There's a reason to stash all those old hose clamps.
Emptied out some of the smashed up out of round ones.
Jakob knew right away what was going on.
Sounded like a new muffler!
That's how we do it...

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