16 July 2014


With the neighbors gone,
It seems like a weight has been lifted.
Since we lived under a magnifying glass,
it was uncomfortable to do what some people consider fun.
One thing we hadn't done for a long time was take out the little inflatable.
We've got two smaller outboards,
and they hadn't ran for over a year.
The last thing the neighbors could stand,
was 2-stroke engines idling next to their rear entryway.
To make sure things ran smoothly,
I pre-ran the 15 hp Johnson at the house.
Good thing as there was no cooling water.
There were enough vanes to push water through,
the problem was the keyed metal insert would spin separate from the rubber.
No problem.
That's what the backup 9.9 Cabrea is for.
Super clean compared to the Johnson,
it's actually a rebadged 80's Suzuki.
I hadn't realized how opposite the two engines were.
One is metric, the other standard.
The Johnson has the side water inlets,
and the cabrea/suzuki has a horizontal inlet under the wing.
Instead of the typical rubber hose clamp adapter,
there's a threaded fitting for the flush plug.
Easier to use a 5-gallon bucket.
Of all things,
no go on the water cooling during warmup.
This impeller obviously grenaded,
And if you look closely the pieces plugged the hole.
Holey chit...
No surprise that the impellers are a hot item during summer.
The local shops wanted $20-30.
Since there was no rush and I'm cheap,
replacements were found online for half price.
Luckily they fit.
Now the kids are set for the summer. 


  1. Building memories with your kids.

    1. Times passing by so quick!
      Got to fit as many memories in as possible!